Inspirational Speaking


Let Jerome tell the story at your event.  With pictures and video let the trip come alive for an audience of any size.


The Story

After 271 days and over 29,000 miles, the Westsail 32 “Mighty Sparrow” sailed into Gloucester Harbor with a lone sailor aboard.  The story of this adventure comes alive with tails of sailing through some of the most dangerous Oceans on the planet.  From surviving  by catching rain water to ration food supplies, this is a story of reaching toward a goal and doing whatever it takes to make it home alive. As an avid story teller, Jerome brings the story to life with his words as well as pictures and video from the voyage.

The typical length of this presentation is one hour followed by 30 minutes of Q&A


inspirational speaking

The competition of a solo nonstop circumnavigation is the perfect example of self-motivation, perseverance and goal setting.  Five years before setting sail, Jerome was just finishing a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail. Without a job, money or a boat, he set his sights on reaching the most challenging goal of his life, the solo non-stop circumnavigation. While reliving the adventure, this presentation also brings to light the lessons Jerome learned about perseverance, attitude, and how to attain any goal.

This Presentation can be customized to focus on any aspect the client would like. The typical length is two hours or can be formatted as a four hour workshop.