Inspirational Speaking


Let Jerome tell the story at your Yacht Club or special event.  With pictures and video let the trip come alive for an audience of any size.


The Story

After 271 days and over 29,000 miles, the Westsail 32 “Mighty Sparrow” sailed into Gloucester Harbor with a lone sailor aboard.  The story of this adventure comes alive with tails of sailing through some of the most dangerous Oceans on the planet.  From surviving  by catching rain water to ration food supplies, this is a story of reaching toward a goal and doing whatever it takes to make it home alive. 


Motivational speaking

The competition of a solo nonstop circumnavigation is the perfect example of self-motivation, perseverance and goal setting.  In the years leading up to his adventure, Jerome was a manager of watersports teams that exceled in every way. “Getting my staff excited to do the best they could was my favorite part of managing.”  Motivational speaking can be custom made for our clients or can be chosen from the list of themes below.

- Setting, Planning, and reaching your goals

- Teamwork and self-motivation

- Customer Service