Press & Testimonials


Let Jerome tell the story at your Yacht Club or special event.  With pictures and video let the trip come alive for an audience of any size.




The magnitude of Jerome's trip really hit me when he was describing sailing through this area, in addition to the other remote and dangerous areas during his trip. He talked us through his journey with photos, video clips and told unbelievable stories of wild seas, unpredictable weather and solo life at sea. This makes one not only question if he was a little crazy, but left me in total admiration of what a brave yet dangerous journey he completed.  - Emma Sams


Just attended Jerome’s talk about his voyage in Petoskey, Michigan. Incredible stat - what he thought his likelihood of success was prior to the trip: 2%. 48% chance of having to abort somewhere. The other 50% was to lose to the ocean. Wow!!! - Stein Lager


Tonight, Jerome Rand had members and guests of the Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, Massachusetts spellbound for more than an hour with fascinating, terrifying, and hilarious details of his Solo, Non-Stop voyage around the world. His engaging presentation, inculding dramatic videos and beautiful images from his sail, captured the attention of a packed house of the more than sixty people of all ages in attendance! Thank you, Jerome!! - Bill Rand