Trip Duration

271 Days


Total Distance

29,805 Miles


Average Speed

4.6 Knots


Max Speed

20.9 Knots


Great Capes Rounded


To reach home, the boat would have to cross the North Atlantic during the end of Hurricane season then cross the South Atlantic on the way to the stormy seas of the Southern Ocean near the Cape of Good Hope.  From there it was South of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand on route to Cape Horn.  Once around the Five Great Capes the boat turned North, heading for warm weather and a friendly ocean.  

After two months of retracing the outbound track, on June 30 2018, the Mighty Sparrow sailed into Gloucester Mass after 9 months and 29,807 miles sailed.  The journey tested every limit both mental and physical, from fierce winds to demoralizing calms, and everything in between.  In the end it was perseverance and a bit of luck that would see this small boat through some of the world’s most dangerous seas.